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Sunday, March 29, 2009

Heaven's Poetry

I’ve lost my mind
And I don’t know where to find it
Because it’s been carried away on this mental exodus
Called Heaven’s Poetry
You see He took my worldly mind
And replaced it with that of poets that came before me
Like Langston Hughes, Zora Neal Hurtson, and James Baldwin
Just to name a few
Because if you’re a real poet
Then you would know
How long the list goes on
I’ve lost my sense of direction
Because I’m so caught up in writing
That I get lost just thinking
When this pen writes it’s not me
Its mechanics
Some how my fingers know how to print letters
Without me even commanding it
From my brain
Cause I’m a robotic
Tic tock I don’t stop
I’ve lost sleep over this art form
Because there’s no specific time to create a poem
As poets we are on God’s time
So when He says, “write my child”
I awake from my slumber
Ready spill ink onto these papers
At moment’s notice
Until my fingers crumble
Humbled I will forever be
To be blessed with this art form called poetry
Without it I swear I would be 6 feet deep
As a child I couldn’t find myself
I’ve lost my way
And I had to one to confirm who I was
Trapped inside misery
The end I couldn’t see
As if no light would shine upon me
All I saw was darkness
Until I saw this composition book posted under a light beam
Curiosity killed the cat
So I decided to grab it
Every since then it’s been my best friend
It’s been there since I came out from the pits of death
It’s been there since I emerged into success
With the titanium "S" engraved on my chest
Yes, I’m going to make it
Yes, I’m going to make it
Yes, I’m going it make it
That saying is like my favorite song constantly on repeat
That affirmation has allow for me to find who I am
Amongst this jungle of others
Making my away through these human bodied serpents
Trying to ingest in me their ill-fated poison
I’ve lost everything else but not my anti-venom
Because all I have to do is spit one line at them
They go down like the Domino Effect
My top five like to T-mobile
Is carefully selected
Because you can gauge how far you’ll go
By the company you keep
And I’m going far, so God takes up all five seats
I will forever be lost with in this world we call earth
Because in Heaven’s Poetry God has already found me

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  1. I feel ya! I miss when I used to feel like that. Now everything seems more forced until something emotional has happened. smh