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Monday, March 9, 2009

Ms Ordinary

I am Ms. Ordinary
But my talent is extraordinary
When my mind meets my pen and gets carried away
And leaves my body dazed and amazed
At how these two things can separate
As if they were two different entities
That weren’t meant to be together!

I am Ms. Ordinary
But don’t expect me to be in anything other then a t-shirt and some jeans
Maybe a hoodie on those days where I don’t feeling like speaking to anybody
And jewelry?
You might get lucky to if you see me with some earrings and a necklace
On those days where I don’t feel like being reckless
And my sex sells because I choose to step out of myself!

I am Ms. Ordinary
Ha, that’s not in my vocabulary
To the point where I don’t even know how my lips just formed the syllables
To pronounce such a word
‘Cause I believe natural beauty is the only beauty that was given to me
So why enhance it with Mary Kay and Mac?
Instead of being strapped with some lip chap
And some lotion for them ashy ‘bow and
Some body spray
‘Cause all these things mixed together can do the same thang!

I am Ms. Ordinary
But I must be honest
My ego can get pretty big
When I’m feeling myself
Like damn I’m the shit, ya dig?
But ladies we have to be egotistical sometimes
Because if I don’t love myself
I can’t expect a man to love me
Because that will leave me open for a man to control me
And I can’t have that on my time
And neither can you Ms. Lady

You see this poem wasn’t written about me
It was written as an anthem for all the average ladies
Because we are not average
We are, who we are meant to be
And we won’t change ourselves for any one
Because in the end
We are the ones that have to live with who we have become
So remember that deep down inside
We all have a light given to us by the one most high and divine
And Ms. Ordinary your light too must shine
So let it radiate
And as you walk let it smack people across their face
So they can get a taste of what it feels like when you’re walking in your God given grace

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