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Wednesday, March 11, 2009


I’m mad
I’m fucking angry
And I’m about to say shit
And you can’t stop me
‘Cause I’m so fucking confused
So fucking confused
So fucking confused about where were going to end up being as a society
People on the corners
Not surviving because they got evicted
Unemployment, disability, and social security are the main way people making ends meet
Obama’s in the presidency, but he’s taking too long
It’s a shame kids can’t even eat
We’re trying to hold on, but it’s hard
So suicide rates are quickly rising
And health care plans are disappearing
And even with health care
Mental health has always been stigmatized and besides it’s too expensive
The House just passed a $787 billion dollar stimulus plan
How the fuck can you tell me there are still no jobs hiring?
When politicians’ pockets in the mist of a recession are still getting thick and
Mine are thinning because gas is too outrageous
I can’t even get to my job, so I get fired
Schools are no longer existing
Kids don’t see the importance of an education
So teachers stop teaching
This world is coming to an end if we don’t change something
Then, there is still a war in the Middle East that’s like a beast it’s raging
8 years later and I still don’t know the purpose
But I have an idea
Check it:
Bush was trying to get revenge for his daddy
He made excuses like weapons of mass destruction
What a good son
With innocent people dying
It’s amazing how shit just creep up in your spirit as a poet
You have no choice, but to share it
So meaningless things get meaning
As a health promotion major
They tell me America is fat
But they make these fucking burgers look delectable
We try to change the channel
But got damn there goes another one
And exercising
How can we do that?
When there are places that don’t even have side walks to walk on
Diabetes, cancers, Aids, and hypertension
Class after class these themes are reoccurring
They come up again and again
It’s so damn distressing
As a physician’s assistant
They expect me to change the world
That’s such big task and I’m afraid of failure
I’m tired of African Americans and Latinos
Being susceptible to the worst chronic diseases
What’s worst there’s nothing to appease this
Because most of this shit is genetic and our diets don’t make it better
So we keep dying
These are my grievances as a an African American woman not as a poet
Because sometimes you have to step from behind the pen
And realize that there’s real shit happening
Then open mic performances
Because this is real shit that's going to affect us one way or another
But I guess my solution to the problem
Is to bring awareness to the situation
So the world that lives under a fucking rock can understand
That we are suffering
But if we come together as a world
Everyone can begin living
And we can stop grieving
And get the fuck up out of this recession
So we can go back to those Golden Days where we were progressing
Under the Clinton Administration
Obama is someone I do have faith in
But it’s his fucking backing that I don’t trust my life with
Because there are some politicians only in it for self
They ignore the fact that there are 300 million people in this country
Not just them and their families
This isn’t fucking castaway, a one man island
And for those sitting in the back like why the fucking is she whining
I say fuck you, fuck you, and fuck you
Because sometimes you have to complain
These are my grievances
And if you’re such a superhero
Then fix these problems

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