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Sunday, March 15, 2009

I’m Back in Training

Left, right, left, right, left, right, left
Said the drill sergeant
In that instance I was back in training
Push ups, sit ups, and running 24/7
Kill the enemy there will be no sacrificing!
Said the drill sergeant
Man, I'm back I'm training
All this yelling and cursing
You mother fucking private
Yells the drill sergeant
Crawling under live bullets
Getting smoked in the pt pit
Wall lockers getting raided for contraband
Treading through sands, rucking
Damn, I'm back I'm training
Uniform and barrack inspections
Boring ass classes
About the same shit
No headstands
Keep your head erected
No sleeping or you'll get some extra pt
3 minutes to eat
And there better not be on that plate any fucking sweets
Commands the drill sergeant
Fuck, I’m back in training
Waking up every morning to yelling and reveilles
Eating hot A’s but my favorite were MRE’s
Every second of the day carrying my m-16
That was my only friend
And I named him Charlie
That was Basic Combat Training
Now I’m in AIT
At Fort Sam Houston
A combat medic is what I’m trying to be
I’m losing my freedom for 16 weeks and
It seems like this training will never have an ending
‘Cause fuck man, I’m back in training

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